July 2018: Reporting on sexual assault

Sexual assault is one of the hardest topics to report on, but also one of the most consequential. On this month's podcast, we talk with students and legal experts about how to find and use records to cover this issue. “The System” by Indiana Daily Student: http://bit.ly/2L8ebUf “How universities do, and don't, inform the public… Continue reading July 2018: Reporting on sexual assault

Tune in for our second webinar in the #MeToo series to learn how to use public records to report on campus sexual assault

We're hosting another webinar live on our YouTube channel about reporting on sexual assaults on campus on Dec. 5 at 1 p.m. ET. This discussion will be focused on open records. We'll be answering your questions about what kind of records you can look for, where to request them from and what to do if you… Continue reading Tune in for our second webinar in the #MeToo series to learn how to use public records to report on campus sexual assault

Open-government advocates urge Montana court to release athlete disciplinary appeal records to author Krakauer

The best-selling author of Missoula is seeking access to files indicating why the state overturned a campus disciplinary board's findings in a high-profile sexual assault case involving a University of Montana athlete. But the state argues that granting Jon Krakauer's request will put the state in violation of federal privacy laws and place $263 million in federal funding at risk.

FERPA Fib of the Year, 2014 Edition

It’s fitting that the 365-day stink-bomb that was 2014 ended with the U.S. Department of Education wadding up the last remaining shred of its credibility on FERPA and pulling the flusher with both hands.  It was that kind of year.  Like Pavlov’s dogs at suppertime, school and college legal departments reflexively yapped “FERPA” anytime a… Continue reading FERPA Fib of the Year, 2014 Edition

University of Oregon students criticize university for using FERPA to ‘frivolously’ avoid answering questions about sexual assault allegations involving athletes

The front page of today's Daily Emerald is a powerful one:

The issue is a timely one for the University of Oregon student newspaper — this week, it came to light that three basketball players were accused in March of sexually assaulting a woman at an off-campus party and then later at one of the players' apartments. The university and police learned of the allegations in March, and the Daily Emerald and other media have questioned why the players were allowed to continue playing through the end of the season (their suspensions were announced Monday, the same day the district attorney's office announced it did not plan to charge any of the three players).

So your school is under investigation for a Title IX sexual violence complaint — what do you do now?

Today, the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a list of 55 colleges and universities currently being investigated for potential Title IX violations involving sexual violence and harassment. Some of these investigations have been reported on previously, but others are being announced for the first time. The list's release has garnered national attention, and even brought the Department's website down briefly.

If you're a student reporter covering one of these schools and just now learning about the investigation, you probably feel there's a lot to catch up on. Many of these investigations have been going on for months, at a minimum.