PODCAST: What the privatization of Florida State University’s athletics department will mean for journalists

The spring 2019 staff of FSView and Florida Flambeau in their newsroom. Photo courtesy of Zach Bethel
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Ginny Bixby: Access to public records can be the key to great journalism, especially at a public university. By examining public records, student journalists gain  information about a school’s operations and hold school officials accountable for their actions.  For student journalists at Florida State University in Tallahassee, covering the athletics department is about to become… Continue reading PODCAST: What the privatization of Florida State University’s athletics department will mean for journalists

Bringing New Voices to Florida

While getting legislation in during the 2018 legislative year didn’t happen, there are supporters in Florida who are looking forward to bringing it to next year’s legislative session. Part of that hope comes from the fact that there are many other states, like New York and New Jersey, who have introduced New Voices legislation. I’m… Continue reading Bringing New Voices to Florida

UPDATE: UCF files request for financial sanctions against student media in open records lawsuit

The University of Central Florida is asking a court to order a student-run news website, Knight News, to pay the university’s attorneys fees in an open records lawsuit the student media outlet filed against the university.

Knight News files third lawsuit against UCF, claims student government held secret meetings

A student news organization filed its third lawsuit against the University of Central Florida last month after the student government budget committee met and discussed the organization’s multi-million dollar budget in secret and did not comply with open records requests, according to the complaint.

Student-produced magazine at U. of North Florida to take brunt of budget cuts

FLORIDA — The student-produced magazine at the University of North Florida is in jeopardy.

Budget cuts in the 2015-16 fiscal year are just part of a series of setbacks that has hit Spinnaker Magazine, the print product of Spinnaker Media, which also operates a radio station, a television station and a website.

When the university’s student government announced earlier this year it would have to cut Spinnaker’s budget, the print operation was hit the hardest.