How you can use public records to cover campus sexual assault

Every month we host a webinar live on our YouTube channel. In December 2017, we gave you the basics on how to use public records to cover sexual assaults on campus. Watch to learn what kinds of records you can look for, where to request them from and what to do if you run into problems. We also show some of the resources available on our website, starting with our public records letter generator, to help you craft your records requests.

We were also joined by Conner Mitchell and Darby VanHoutan, leaders of the University Daily Kansan, who talk about how they used records to report on sexual assault at the University of Kansas. Their stories included a transparent focus on the time, money and resources it took to obtain the records needed. Read them in full now:

If you have any specific legal concerns, or questions that we didn’t get to in our webinar, schedule a call with the SPLC’s lawyer. And tell us via email: what do you want to learn about next?