Open-government advocates urge Montana court to release athlete disciplinary appeal records to author Krakauer

The best-selling author of Missoula is seeking access to files indicating why the state overturned a campus disciplinary board's findings in a high-profile sexual assault case involving a University of Montana athlete. But the state argues that granting Jon Krakauer's request will put the state in violation of federal privacy laws and place $263 million in federal funding at risk.

Louisville student’s sarcastic delivery-room blog births a bad First Amendment outcome

Posting on social media about stuff you see at work is risky business. When you're enrolled in college, it's downright hazardous.The University of Minnesota disciplined a mortuary science student who made flippant remarks on Facebook about the corpse she was assigned to dissect.

Judge says records in Cornell hazing death aren’t protected by FERPA

Earlier this month, a New York state Supreme Court judge said records dealing with a 2011 hazing incident and previous misconduct within Cornell University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chapter are not protected by FERPA, the federal student privacy law.