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The Student Press Law Center thrives at the intersection of law, journalism and education to promote, support and defend the rights of student journalists and their advisers at the high school and college levels.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan SPLC provides information, training and legal assistance at no charge to student journalists and the educators who work with them. Founded in 1974, the SPLC is a small and scrappy outfit based in Washington, D.C. with an outsized impact across the country.

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When I request records, do I have to explain why I want them?

Every week, Student Press Law Center attorneys answer a frequently asked question about student media law in “Ask SPLC.” Q: Am I required to explain why I want a particular record when submitting an open records request? A: Almost always, states and the federal government FOI laws make clear that the motivation behind an open records request is irrelevant.… Continue reading When I request records, do I have to explain why I want them?

Apply now for these summer 2020 *paid* journalism internships

Every month, the Student Press Law Center publishes a list of paid journalism internships. Here are some spring and summer internships with upcoming deadlines.  Did we miss any? Email Danielle Dieterich at to add an internship. Student Press Law Center (Washington, D.C.) • Journalism Internship — Join our small team with an outsized impact.… Continue reading Apply now for these summer 2020 *paid* journalism internships

New Voices 2020 preview

Hillary Davis, SPLC’s New Voices Advocacy and Campaign Organizer, sits down and walks us through the New Voices movement in 2020. Find out what’s happening in your state and how you can get involved. Full Transcript Joe Severino: In January, state legislatures across the country will meet for the start of their 2020 lawmaking sessions,… Continue reading New Voices 2020 preview