Lawsuit against UNC for the release of campus sexual assault records officially ends in favor of student journalists

More than four years after The Daily Tar Heel filed a lawsuit against UNC for the release of campus sexual assault records, the legal battle is officially over. Wikimedia Commons / Mx. Granger CC0 1.0

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled University of North Carolina must hand over student, faculty, and staff rape, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct records requested by the university's student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel.

June 2018: Covering Howardgate

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Howard University erupted in turmoil after an anonymous Medium article revealed evidence of a massive, nine-year embezzlement scandal in which six Howard University financial aid employees stole one million dollars through skimming money off student grants. We sat down with the Jazmin Goodwin, the editor-in-chief of Howard’s student paper, The Hilltop to talk about how… Continue reading June 2018: Covering Howardgate