Florida state trooper responsible for University of North Florida newspaper theft

Last month, we reported on the theft of thousands of newspapers at the University of North Florida. At the time, editors and police hadn't yet determined who was responsible for the theft, some of which was captured on surveillance video.Now, the paper has learned that a state trooper with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has admitted responsibility for at least some the thefts. According to reports in The Spinnaker, UNF police recognized one of the two men in the video as a highway patrol officer, and contacted Florida Highway Patrol.

Mapping college newspaper thefts

Newspaper theft is never funny — but sometimes you have to laugh at the ridiculous lengths some people will go to censor the news.

  • There's the Binghamton student who justified trashing 50 copies of The Binghamton Review by saying he had obtained signed permission from students who "donated" their copies to him to trash.
  • There's The Gatepost at Framingham State College, where 1,000 copies were trashed after the paper ran a photo front-page of students at a lacrosse game with their friend's name (a lacrosse player) written on their midriffs.

Pacific Lutheran newspaper latest to report hundreds of copies stolen

As a journalist, you know you are doing something right if you make some of your readers angry. By that measurement, the staff of The Mooring Mast at Pacific Lutheran University must be doing superb work.Student editors at the Tacoma, Wash., school report that some 700 copies of the 1,500-circulation newspaper were swiped from their racks last Friday.As the Tacoma News-Tribune reported, the edition contained several potentially controversial items that might have motivated a thief, among them a story alluding to a flap from last season over allegations that softball coaches used abusive language to players.