Ohio University student newspaper reports theft after election endorsement

OHIO — Student editors at Ohio University believe their endorsement in the student government election prompted the theft of their newspapers this week.

A reader reported the theft to The Post editors Wednesday morning. When editors looked, about 1,000 copies were missing from newsstands placed in prominent positions around campus, Editor-in-Chief Pat Holmes said Thursday.

The issue featured the newspaper’s endorsement of the F.U.S.S. ticket over their opponent, VOICE. 

In the editorial endorsement, Post editors wrote that the F.U.S.S. candidates have “worked hard to lead Ohio University students without having Student Senate behind them, and they’ve done a better job of it than senate has.”

“We’re almost certain it was somebody from the other party,” Holmes said. “From what we’ve heard and seen, it was one of their supporters.”

Anna Morton, a current senator and a VOICE spokeswoman, said the group had no comment regarding the theft.

Post editors reported the theft to Ohio University police, Holmes said. The paper doesn’t plan to press charges if anyone responsible is identified, but Holmes said the editors hope the Board of Elections would disqualify any candidate who played a part.

The stolen newspapers represent about 10 percent of The Post’s daily print run. Holmes said the staff estimated the loss to be about $100, counting printing and labor.

So far, no advertisers have complained or requested refunds, he said.

This is the third newspaper theft reported to the Student Press Law Center in 2013. Last year, 27 thefts were reported.

Correction: This story originally stated that VOICE controlled the student senate. It does not.

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