New Voices 2020 preview

Hillary Davis speaks to high school journalists and their advisers about New Voices at the 2019 National High School Journalism Convention in Washington, D.C. / Joe Severino
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Hillary Davis, SPLC’s New Voices Advocacy and Campaign Organizer, sits down and walks us through the New Voices movement in 2020. Find out what’s happening in your state and how you can get involved. Full Transcript Joe Severino: In January, state legislatures across the country will meet for the start of their 2020 lawmaking sessions,… Continue reading New Voices 2020 preview

In the midst of a student body presidential campaign, police are investigating trashed student newspapers

A copy of the Rocky Mountain Collegian in a recycling bin at Colorado State University. Photo courtesy of Haley Candelario.

COLORADO — About 1,000 copies of the Rocky Mountain Collegian went missing April 9, and fingers are being pointed at a team running for student leadership who were the subject of a critical article published the day before the thefts. The Collegian ran a story in its Monday edition that examined campaign spending discrepancies by… Continue reading In the midst of a student body presidential campaign, police are investigating trashed student newspapers

Colorado State newspaper crusades for open meetings, greater transparency from university

Colorado State University's student government may have broken state transparency laws by trying to kick student reporters out of the student body president's impeachment hearing. The incident adds to an ongoing perceived lack of transparency from the university’s student government and administration.

Va. bill could restrict student journalists’ ability to survey classmates

The bill would require parents to approve any surveys asking students to provide “sexual information,” mental health information, medical information, student health risk information, information about drug use and other topics the school board deems “sensitive.”

Colorado county clerk reverses decision to remove student newspapers featuring election coverage

Angela Myers, the county clerk and recorder, told staff members of The Rocky Mountain Collegian on Tuesday morning to move issues of the paper with a U.S. Senate candidate’s photo from the rack closest to a drop-off ballot box because it violated state electioneering laws.