High School Students, Teachers Confront Student Media Censorship

Of the 6,406 students and teachers who attended the National High School Journalism Convention in Washing, D.C., Nov. 6-9, 2013, 464 students and 51 advisers responded to survey questions asking about their experiences with censorship of student media.

Bill could prevent N.H. high school students from surveying their peers

The bill's author said the rules would also apply to surveys from student reporters because the school serves as publisher and sponsor of the newspaper. He said he hopes schools will tell the newspaper staff they are not allowed to survey students on sensitive topics.

Va. bill could restrict student journalists’ ability to survey classmates

The bill would require parents to approve any surveys asking students to provide “sexual information,” mental health information, medical information, student health risk information, information about drug use and other topics the school board deems “sensitive.”