So your school is under investigation for a Title IX sexual violence complaint — what do you do now?

Today, the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a list of 55 colleges and universities currently being investigated for potential Title IX violations involving sexual violence and harassment. Some of these investigations have been reported on previously, but others are being announced for the first time. The list's release has garnered national attention, and even brought the Department's website down briefly.

If you're a student reporter covering one of these schools and just now learning about the investigation, you probably feel there's a lot to catch up on. Many of these investigations have been going on for months, at a minimum. 

Try this at home: How equitable is your high school?

Earlier this week, the Department of Education released data compiled through its Civil Rights Data Collection program. For the first time since 2000, every public school in the country was surveyed, and for the first time ever, the results of the survey are being made public in a searchable database.The database has the potential to be a great resource for student journalists who want to learn more about their schools.

Grant will help Otterbein student journalists challenge limited access to campus police records

A year ago, Jordan Bradley detailed in the SPLC Report how student journalists at Otterbein University have had difficulty gaining access to campus police reports.The troubles started in 2011, when the Ohio school's security team was converted into a commissioned police force, said Hillary Warren, who advises The Tan & Cardinal. Then, campus police began responding to incidents that city police once handled. At first, campus police didn't release any records, even those required under the Jeanne Clery Act, Warren told us.

Public records in CNN investigation show many college athletes read well below college literacy levels

Sara Ganim, the reporter who helped break the Jerry Sandusky story at Penn State, has a new story today looking at the literacy of college athletes at public schools around the country. It's an easy story for student journalists to localize through records requests of their own.Ganim targeted public schools that are subject to open records laws and asked for athletes' SAT and ACT entrance exams.