Try this at home: How equitable is your high school?

Earlier this week, the Department of Education released data compiled through its Civil Rights Data Collection program. For the first time since 2000, every public school in the country was surveyed, and for the first time ever, the results of the survey are being made public in a searchable database.The database has the potential to be a great resource for student journalists who want to learn more about their schools.

Crimson White, Daily Bruin roll out new records request trackers

Mazie Bryant and Jillian Beck — editors of The Crimson White and The Daily Bruin, respectively — know how frustrating it can be to get answers out of their universities.So after running into repeated reporting roadblocks, they’ve decided to call attention to their universities’ public records responsiveness by making their records requests more transparent.In newly debuted trackers, The Crimson White and The Daily Bruin now publicize details of the requests they’ve submitted to their institutions.

Try this at home: Are campus debit-card agreements deepening student debt?

With the annual cost of getting an education topping $18,000 last year at a four-year public college — and more than $40,000 at a private school — inquisitive journalists are the best "consumer protection" cash-strapped students have.Here's a consumer-protection story begging to be localized by college media...On Feb.

Questionable state of campus mental-health services deserves journalists’ scrutiny

Recent media attention, lawsuits and Department of Education regulatory actions have spotlighted what, for many years, has been a shameful secret on campuses across the country -- that the default response to discovering a student was suicidally depressed was expulsion.In a searing recent look at the inadequacies of colleges' response to mental illness, Newsweek's Katie J.M.