Mary Beth Tinker to high school journalists: It’s your job to speak up on behalf of others

Mary Beth Tinker speaks about free expression in front of her famous black armband, on display at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. / Joe Severino

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Mary Beth Tinker, First Amendment advocate and former plaintiff in a landmark Supreme Court case that still affects students' speech rights 50 years later, told her story to hundreds of high school journalism students visiting the nation's capital on Nov. 22 — encouraging them to be caring, and use their free speech… Continue reading Mary Beth Tinker to high school journalists: It’s your job to speak up on behalf of others

Protect students' right to display the American flag despite "hecklers," free-speech icons urge Supreme Court

The plaintiffs in the landmark Tinker student-speech case are asking the Supreme Court to accept, and reverse, a California case finding no First Amendment violation in a school's decision to ban American flag logo apparel that the school claimed might worsen ethnic tensions.

National accolades accompany Tinker Tour 2014 to a triumphant finish line

Mary Beth Tinker and Mike Hiestand's magical journey across America is winning national recognition for igniting a much-needed dialogue about the importance of protecting students against censorship.Launched on Constitution Day 2013, the Tinker Tour is a nationwide First Amendment awareness campaign bringing the landmark student-speech case, Tinker v.

Mary Beth Tinker closes one more chapter in the history books, and turns the page to another

"Inspiring." "Powerful." "Life changing." That's what young people across America had to say when Mary Beth Tinker's magical freedom bus came through their towns.There was understandable skepticism when Mary Beth and her attorney "copilot," Mike Hiestand, announced plans for a nationwide tour to reignite young people's passion for the First Amendment.