Quinnipiac University newspaper editors report theft

At least 200 copies of The Quinnipiac Chronicle at Quinnipiac University were stolen and discarded late Wednesday morning. Initially thinking students were simply more interested in the paper, staffers put out 200 additional copies, but half of those vanished within minutes, the paper's business manager said.

Northwest Missouri newspaper rack recovered after being tossed in pond

A newspaper rack at Northwest Missouri State University was stolen near the student paper’s newsroom last weekend, leaving student reporters and the adviser wondering whether the theft was in response to a front-page story about an increase in arrests in the city of Maryville for underage alcohol possession.

University of Central Florida: Fraternity discipline records protected by FERPA

Responding to a public records lawsuit filed earlier this year, the University of Central Florida told a judge this week the school cannot provide student journalists unredacted records relating to Greek fraternities’ disciplinary hearings because the records are protected under a federal education privacy law.