A partly cloudy forecast for the First Amendment: Newseum study finds mixed level of public knowledge and support for free-speech principles

One-quarter of Americans strongly believe that "offensive" speech should be unprotected on college campuses, and the percent is even higher for speech in high schools, says a newly released survey by the Newseum Institute, which also finds diminishing awareness of First Amendment rights generally.

Newseum panel debates federal reporter’s shield law

Reporters and media lawyers seemed optimistic about the proposed legislation that would establish a media shield law during a panel at the Newseum in Washington on Wednesday."I've got a better feeling now than I've ever had,” said Kevin Goldberg, legal counsel to the American Society of News Editors, even though the bill still faces major obstacles in Congress.New York Times correspondent Charlie Savage was less optimistic, saying he was skeptical any form of the bill would pass.The bill, known as the 2013 Free Flow of Information Act, passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.