Censored college journalists in Iowa get SPLC’s help to sue college and launch an independent newspaper

"Other student journalists and I created our own independent newspaper called the Spotlight so we could write investigative news pieces that are controversial. Without the SPLC, the Spotlight would have never gotten off the ground. The SPLC has helped cultivate my love for the universal right of free speech."

Student journalists at Iowa community college allege harassment, intimidation in First Amendment lawsuit against administrators

Administrators at Muscatine Community College also took actions to remove The Calumet’s full-time faculty adviser and replace him with a part-time adjunct instructor, modify the fall 2015 class schedule “to marginalize the journalism program” and reduce funding to the program, according to a complaint filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa.

Iowa community college newspaper under investigation — but not sure why

Students and their adviser at The Calumet have found themselves in a defensive position this month, but they don’t know against what and they don’t know against whom. Editor Molly Willson said Muscatine Community College’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action officer contacted her and other staff members for information about an article The Calumet published last month.