Censored college journalists in Iowa get SPLC’s help to sue college and launch an independent newspaper

"Other student journalists and I created our own independent newspaper called the Spotlight so we could write investigative news pieces that are controversial. Without the SPLC, the Spotlight would have never gotten off the ground. The SPLC has helped cultivate my love for the universal right of free speech."

After controversial stories are cut, student journalists in Kentucky contact SPLC and launch an underground newspaper

"We were so grateful that an organization like the SPLC existed to back us up. I don’t think we would have had the confidence to found, print and continue to work on our independent magazine without the help and support of the SPLC."

High school paper in Wisconsin slapped with a prior review policy after publishing a story on rape culture; SPLC’s model guidelines soon replace policy

"The SPLC helped me realize that what I was fighting for was important. With their support, we were able to overturn the prior review policy and return Cardinal Columns to the rightful hands of student journalists."

High school journalists in Pa. punished for refusal to print the word “Redskins;” SPLC joins journalists in protracted struggle against retaliation, censorship

Editors of Neshaminy High School’s student newspaper, The Playwickian, decided to ban the school’s mascot name, the Redskins, from publication on the grounds that it was a racist term.