Georgia State University pulls student-produced magazine from freshman orientation

Daniel Varitek / The Signal

GEORGIA — Georgia State University in Atlanta has pulled a student-run magazine from bags handed out to incoming freshmen at orientation. The reason for the last minute change depends on whom you ask. Administrators said printing the 52-page magazine used too much paper. Editors say a story about students with alternative jobs, including a stripper,… Continue reading Georgia State University pulls student-produced magazine from freshman orientation

Appeals court reinstates claim former Valdosta State U. president retaliated against student over Facebook post

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit reinstated on Monday a former Valdosta State University student’s claim that he was expelled in 2007 in retaliation for a Facebook post that criticized the institution’s president.

University System of Georgia’s delay on public records request was justified, judge rules

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia’s actions were “substantially justified” when it failed to provide a student journalist a timeline indicating when his public records request would be fulfilled and for delaying the delivery of the records, a county court ruled last week.

Georgia State couldn't be sued for walking away from WRAS deal with GPB

One story we've been following very closely here is the controversy surrounding the fate of Georgia State University's student-run radio station. After negotiating for years in secret, Georgia State University entered into an agreement (let's not use the word contract, just yet) with Georgia Public Broadcasting to give the latter organization 14 hours of daytime analog signal, depriving WRAS students of an educational opportunity and the community of a 42-year tradition of original music.