SPLC’s 5 minute guide to B.L. v. Mahanoy

Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L., No 20-255 B.L. v. Mahanoy is a free expression case the Supreme Court decided in June 2021. The case has major implications for public school students across the country. This page is a primer for reporters, students and teachers who want a quick explanation of the case and how… Continue reading SPLC’s 5 minute guide to B.L. v. Mahanoy

As college publications fight to stay independent of their administrations, newsrooms are banding together to #SaveStudentNewsrooms

Save Student Newsrooms calls on student-run publications to run editorials that highlight the need for student media on April 25 — the unofficial Support Student Journalism Day. They also ask alumni of student newsrooms to share their experiences with student media and to consider donating to their student paper.