Appeals court hands Arizona student group First Amendment victory in battle over withheld fee support

Student fees can't be withheld to punish student organizations for their political viewpoints, a federal appeals court rules, in a case that could benefit campus news outlets facing censorship-by-checkbook from their administrators.

Advocates seek reversal of Northwest College trustees' vote abolishing journalism

The Wyoming teacher association, which is providing legal representation to Northwest College's embattled faculty journalism adviser, is urging supporters of the student newspaper to contact college trustees seeking reconsideration of a 4-2 vote to eliminate Northwest's journalism courses.  

New Voices advocates regroup in Missouri after bill stalls in state Senate

Missouri JEA President Mitch Eden (right) presented Missouri Rep. Elijah Haahr with the association's "Friend of Scholastic Journalism Award" after a Senate committee hearing on Haahr's Walter Cronkite New Voices Act.

A bill that sought to protect the First Amendment rights of Missouri student journalists quietly died in the state Senate this month. It would have prevented public schools and colleges from censoring student-produced media. The Walter Cronkite New Voices Act, named after the Missouri native and iconic broadcast journalist, spent this spring climbing the state legislative… Continue reading New Voices advocates regroup in Missouri after bill stalls in state Senate

Pennsylvania court extends school's disciplinary reach into student's off-campus Facebook joke

A federal district judge sided with school disciplinarians in a First Amendment case involving a joke posted to Facebook, but the court also struck down as unconstitutional a school policy that made "inappropriate" speech a punishable disciplinary offense if there was any possibility of disruption at school.

Adviser questions demands for additional coursework, but college attorney insists there's no retaliation

A college journalism adviser believes he's been singled out unfairly with demands that he take additional graduate courses or lose his job, but the college insists the requirement was forced by an outside accrediting agency.