Court punts Kansas social-media expulsion case, finds no consensus on college students' online rights

Nobody -- including University of Kansas disciplinarians -- knows where the First Amendment boundary lines are drawn in cyberspace, so the university can't be held liable even if it overreacted in expelling a student for insulting remarks about his ex-girlfriend on Twitter, a federal district court says.

Worst 30 seconds of my life: federal court ruling leaves the First Amendment on a lonely island

Student athletes who made a racy CD including sex-humor songs for their bus ride to an "away" softball game lost their First Amendment challenge, but can still dispute whether their removal from the team was retaliation for discontinuing pregame prayers against their coach's wishes. 

Neshaminy High School revokes student newspaper editor’s access to post and edit online stories

Access to post and edit content to the online version of The Playwickian, the student newspaper at Neshaminy High School in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, has been revoked for more than a month after student editors decided not to publish the word Redskin in a news article, despite being directed to do so by the school’s principal.

ACLU files lawsuit against UC San Diego for defunding student media in retaliation of satirical student paper

The San Diego American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against UC-San Diego administrators, claiming the Associated Students Council violated a controversial newspaper’s First Amendment rights by eliminating funding for student print media.