Student photographer reaches agreement with The Color Run after alleging wrongful use of images

A recent dispute involving a student photographer and a popular 5K organization reached a settlement over the weekend, after the student’s crowdfunding campaign to offset the costs of a pending lawsuit generated outcry online.

Florida Atlantic University student Maxwell William Jackson said The Color Run exploited his work after he willingly provided images for use on Facebook in exchange for photo credit.

The grizzly truth about copyright law and student photographs

If you have Internet access, if you know somebody with Internet access, if you've been standing near somebody with Internet access -- then you've already seen, probably multiple times, the Viral Falling Bear Picture.It's a superb moment-captured shot, the work of a Colorado student photographer, Andy Duann, who (as he describes in this interview) hustled without even taking time to put on socks, to be in exactly the right spot when agents from the state Parks and Wildlife Department tranquilized the campus interloper and caught him in a net.But getting a 200-pound-bear out of a tree may be simple compared with unscrambling the ownership issues that have arisen concerning the photo.