Family Values

When the Lake Central, Ind., school board met to discuss a high school principal's removal of newspapers from the stands in response to an editorial mildly critical of the former football coach, the board heard a forceful argument in favor of student free-press rights from an unexpected source: Another school administrator.

Suit alleges school snoop-cams peeped into students’ bedrooms

Things in the Lower Merion School District just keep getting creepier.The Philidelphia Inquirer reported today that the webcams installed in laptops school-issued at Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania secretly captured thousands of images—including students' website history and online chat excerpts.But it doesn't stop there: the cameras also took photos of students in their bedrooms while they were asleep or undressing, according to a new motion filed in a suit against the school district yesterday by the parents of sophomore Blake Robbins of Harriton High School.The motion states the webcam took multiple photos of Robbins in bed as he slept.

Palin contract flap exposes “auxiliary” loophole in California open records law

Sarah Palin can easily start an uproar wherever she goes and whatever she does lately. The latest controversy over her scheduled appearance at California State University Stanislaus only proves it, with her colorful rider demands and administrators trying to hide the cost of her visit to the university.Students at CSU Stanislaus found shredded documents in the garbage on Tuesday relating to the former vice presidential nominee's upcoming speaking engagement -- after the university claimed no documents existed.The CSU Stanislaus students were able to retrieve five pages of the contract from a campus trash bin last Friday after hearing administrators were engaged in shredding documents, according to The Washington Post.California State Sen.