Indiana’s HB 1169 goes to conference committee for more tinkering

The latest update in Indiana House Bill 1169’s journey through the legislature is starting to make neurosurgery look easy.Tory Flynn, an Indiana Republican caucus spokeswoman, said the House dissented Thursday to a recent Senate amendment. The bill will go to a conference committee made up of both Senators and House members to hash out the kinks.House Bill 1169 began as a bill to give school administrators authority to punish students for off-campus speech — whether lawful or unlawful.

Hundreds rally for Bridgewater State columnist attacked over gay marriage editorial

It’s not often a student journalist is targeted with violence over something they’ve written. It’s even rarer for an entire school to rally behind them.Bridgewater State University student journalist Destinie Mogg-Barkalow, who wrote a pro-gay marriage editorial last week, was allegedly assaulted over her opinion piece.

UF editors claim student government official dumped newspapers on eve of election

In aspat of he-said, she-said between student politicians and a student newspaperat the University of Florida, one thing is certain — 268 unread copies of The Independent Florida Alligator werefound discarded in a trash bin the day before student government elections.