Va. adviser removed after students criticize school conditions

VIRGINIA — A dispute with school administrators over newspaper content has cost Kate LaRoue her job as adviser of the Madison County High School Mountaineer.

Now there may not even be a Mountaineer for her students to return to this year, as the journalism class disappeared from the 2011-2012 schedule in favor of a class labeled “Desktop Publishing.”

LaRoue learned less than three weeks before the new school year started that instead of teaching journalism and English at MCHS, as she had done the year before, she was scheduled to teach in the new Alternative Education department on a separate campus.

Florida student paper struggles for autonomy from student government

FLORIDA ? When it comes to funding student publications, a state law that allows student government control over the funding of student organizations propagates a power struggle between student journalists and student government officials, and the Florida Atlantic University student newspaper is caught in the center of it.