Student Press Law Center Welcomes Andrew Lih to its Board of Directors

The Student Press LawCenter Board of Directors has unanimously selected Andrew Lih, an author,journalism professor and new-media expert at the University of SouthernCalifornia, to its Board of Directors.

The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) is a Washington,D.C.-area non-profit that advocates for free-press rights for high school andcollege journalists. It also provides legal information and referral assistanceat no charge to students and the educators who work with them.

Lih is the author of The Wikipedia Revolution: Howa Bunch of Nobodies Created the World’s Greatest Encyclopedia (Hyperion2009) and an associate professor of journalism and director of new media at theUniversity of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication andJournalism.

Lih said he’s impressed with the SPLC’swork and mission and is looking forward to serving on the board. He said theassistance the organization offers to students is “reallyimportant,” especially at a time in which many newspapers, particularlythose in high schools, are at risk of being phased out.

“I think that what the SPLC has done in the pastand where it’s heading in the future is really important,” he said.”There are a lot of issues for the next generation ofstudents.”

Lih, who also serves as a consultant, has more than adecade in academia as a professor of journalism and media studies. He waspreviously an assistant professor of journalism and new media at the Hong KongUniversity Journalism and Media Studies Centre.

Lih created the new media program at ColumbiaUniversity’s Graduate School of Journalism where he served as adjunctprofessor and director of technology for their Center for New Media from 1995 to2000. During that time, he taught the first generation of new-media journalistsand advised New York media companies on content strategy and Web site design.

Lih’s work and commentary have appeared inThe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, National PublicRadio, MSNBC, CNN International, South China Morning Post and TheStandard (HK), among others. He was recognized as a Young Leader by theAmerican Swiss Foundation in 2000 and by the Asia Society in2007.”AndrewLih brings the SPLC an incredibly valuable perspective, both as an authority ononline publishing and as someone who uniquely appreciates the vital role ofpress freedoms in America’s culture,” said SPLC Executive DirectorFrank D. LoMonte. “Andrew is one of the thought leaders who has stoppedfighting the future and has started figuring out how to preserve corejournalistic values while embracing new delivery methods, and we can all benefitfrom his insights.”

The SPLC’s 15-member board includesrepresentatives from the journalism, legal, education, and nonprofit managementfields.

Since 1974, the Student Press Law Center has beendevoted to educating high school and college journalists about the rights andresponsibilities embodied in the First Amendment, and supporting the studentnews media in covering important issues free from censorship. The Centerprovides free information and educational materials for student journalists andtheir teachers on a wide variety of legal topics. The Center’s website and it posts on Twitter at splc_org.


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