SPLC announces successful completion of endowment campaign

The Student PressLaw Center announced Jan. 23 the successful completion of its three-yearcampaign to help ensure the future of student press freedom. Thanks to the JohnS. and James L. Knight Foundation and student free press supporters across thecountry, the SPLC has established an endowment fund to help protect studentFirst Amendment rights long into the future. When all pledges are received, theendowment fund will total over $3.75 million.

SPLC View: For thosewho can remember the early days of the SPLC, the success of our endowmentcampaign seems like a dream. For much of the Center’s 32-year history, ourexistence was determined year-to-year. As late as 1986, our staff was a singleemployee and a couple unpaid interns.  Today, the Center is still a leanoperation with a full-time staff of four, a publication fellow, a WestCoast-based legal consultant and, of course, our awesome interns.  Withthat staff, each year we respond to over 2,500 requests for legal help, produceover 20 publications and speak at over 50 workshops and conventions.  Ourever-growing Web site recorded over 5.5 million page views in 2006. In short, wehave never been busier and the need for the SPLC has never been stronger. The climate for free speech and a free press in our nation’s schools is beingchallenged as never before. We still have fundraising challenges ahead of us— the endowment will only cover a portion of our operating expenses. But thanks to all of you — our loyal members — and the hundreds ofother generous donors that helped us establish our endowment fund, the SPLC willbe around to help students defend press freedom for many years to come. We areso very grateful.