UPDATED: LGBT groups demand retraction of Kan. student's homosexuality editorial

After Wichita High School East administrators released a statement Wednesday, the organizations decided to cancel a planned press conference regarding “hate speech” in the student newspaper. Jackie Carter, pastor of First Metropolitan Community Church, one of the groups involved in the press conference, confirmed the cancellation. She said all groups involved “wanted to give the school adequate and appropriate time to follow through on those responses.”

Middle school anti-Semitism suit claims officials failed to censor N.Y. newspaper

Thefamily of a middle school student has filed a federal class-action lawsuitagainst Mahopac Central School District, claiming officials did nothing toprotect their daughter from bullying and anti-Semitic taunts – includingallowing an article to be published in the student newspaper that the familyclaims was anti-Semitic.

UNL paper’s architecture sex story prompts backlash

A Daily Nebraskan article that discusses the sex lives of University of Nebraska-Lincoln architecture students has caused a flurry of controversy for the newspaper.The story, which appeared in the arts and entertainment section, quotes multiple sources by their first names only, with an illustration alongside showing two students having sex on a drafting table.