What is the latest copyright law on embedding photos?

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Every week, Student Press Law Center attorneys answer a frequently asked question about student media law in “Legal Question of the Week.”

Q: What is the latest copyright law on embedding photos?

A: The law is not settled, but there have been some recent developments that suggest you probably want to exercise more caution. Following some early court decisions, it seemed that embedding a photo — which is where you include a photo’s code from an outside source in your posted story, but not the photo itself (even though to a reader there’s little difference) — was probably safe. But now the pendulum appears to be swinging the other way as a few more recent cases have said that embedding cannot be used as an end-around the long recognized general obligation to obtain permission from a copyright owner before using their work. Until the legal dust settles, we believe the safest practice is to obtain permission before embedding an image — unless, of course, you are using material that doesn’t normally require it, such as many Creative Commons images or in a situation where you can make a valid fair use claim.   

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