Michigan Supreme Court rejects flier distribution case

\nMICHIGAN – After Michelle Green’s appeal challenging her\nformer high school’s prior review policy was denied, she took\nher case to the Michigan Supreme Court and found the same disconcerting\nlack of welcome: Her appeal was rejected.

Green’s attorney, George Washington, said the court gave no reason\nfor the denial in February, but said it probably stood behind\nthe state court of appeals’ decision that Greene lacked legal\nstanding to bring the case.

Greene distributed a flier on her school campus at Plymouth-Canton\nEducational Park in February 1994 criticizing administrators for\nacting like “fascist skinheads.” A school policy demands\nprior review of all fliers.

One month later, after Greene protested First Amendment infringement,\nthe school adopted a new prior review policy, though little was\nchanged. Greene, once again, felt her First Amendment rights\nwere ignored.

Greene, according to the Michigan Court of Appeals, had no legal\nstanding to challenge the new prior review policy when it was\nthe old prior review policy that was enforced against her.