Principal denies student’s editorial

\nTEXAS - The definition of irony: When Adam Martinez wrote\nan editorial for the high school newspaper, he demanded a stop\nto an act he thought controversial, but his principal pulled the\nstory, fearing it would be, well, too controversial.

Martinez's editorial in the Dixie Dispatch, of which adviser John\nBriggs approved, criticized students' behavior at football games,\nwhere the team is known as the Rebels, for waiving Confederate\nflags.

Internet censorship battle rages on

\nPENNSYLVANIA - The fight over government regulation of\nthe Internet will return to the courts this summer as the fight\nover the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) continues.

In April, the Justice Department appealed a ruling that had blocked\nthe enforcement of Congress's second attempt to censor the Internet.\nThis move came on the day a preliminary injunction against the\nlaw, which had been granted by a U.S.