A story on page 8 of the Spring 1998 issue of the SPLC Reportnrelated the story of Midwestern State University newspaper editornJason Lawrence, who was verbally threatened by an athlete at thenschool after the newspaper published a cartoon critical of thenteam’s performance. Contrary to the Report story, Lawrencendid not leave the school until after the end of the semester,naccording to newspaper adviser James Sernoe. In the same story,nSernoe was incorrectly quoted as saying that it would be “anlittle consolation to me” if the athlete were successfullynprosecuted for his actions. His quote should have read that henwould find it “little consolation” if the athlete werenprosecuted.

Also: In a story on page 31 of the Spring 1998 Report, the namenof former Fort Valley State University newspaper adviser JohnnSchmitt was misspelled. In a story on page 27 of the Spring 1997nReport, the name of Dr. Larry Cockrum, an official at Collegenof the Ozarks, was misspelled. The Report regrets the errors.n