University suspends student leader for sending death threats to editor

\nNORTH CAROLINA -- "Everything that comes out of your\nwork is a lie," began an e-mail message sent to the editor\nof the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's student newspaper.

"It will be a pleasure to watch you bleed to death!!"\nthe message continued, "Prepare to die!!!"

The message, which threatened University Times editor\nJillian McCartney with explicit physical and sexual torture, was\ndetermined by an administrative board at the university to have\nbeen sent to McCartney by the school's former student body president.\n

The board suspended Nicholas Mirisis in September for at least\ntwo years.


\nCALIFORNIA -- More than 100 colleges and universities around\nthe country have signed up to participate in a pilot readership\nprogram that would provide USA Today and other commercial\nnewspapers to campus residents for a small yearly fee.


Six months after the Columbine shooting in Littleton, Colo., that\nleft 15 people dead, students across the country continue to face\nharsh punishments for expressing themselves in ways schools see\nas threatening or even unconventional.