Professor declares Teacher Review site defamatory, files lawsuit against creator

CALIFORNIA -- A professor at the City College of San Francisco filed a lawsuit in October against a former CCSF student over a Web site that allows students to post reviews of professors.

"It's sending lies, death threats and defamation against teachers around the world," English professor Daniel Curzon-Brown said of the Teacher Review Web site.

Curzon-Brown charged in his suit that the site has caused him emotional distress by publishing statements about him and other professors that are false and defamatory.

Poor sales prompt yearbook takeover

\nPENNSYLVANIA -- After only a quarter of the 3,000 seniors\nat the University of Pittsburgh purchased a yearbook last year\n-- leaving the publication with a large deficit -- administrators\nstepped in, transferring control over the yearbook from students\nto the public affairs department.

"The yearbook was about to go out of business anyway,"\nsaid Ken Service, a university spokesman.