Court says thesis must follow guidelines

CALIFORNIA ' A three-judge federal appellate court panel has ruled that colleges can limit student speech in academic work after a graduate student attempted to criticize administrators in his master's thesis.

Christopher Brown sued the University of California at Santa Barbara claiming that his First Amendment rights were violated when university officials withheld his master's degree.

Talk show host granted Cornell biotech files

NEW YORK 'A former talk show host has been granted access to Cornell University records, which the private school had argued were not subject to state freedom of information laws.

A seven-judge panel for the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, unanimously ruled Jeremy Alderson had the right to view biotech records within the Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

NCAA: Student press can cover recruits

NORTH CAROLINA ' The National Collegiate Athletic Association has reversed a long-standing policy that had ignored the right of collegiate newspapers to interview high school student-athlete recruits.

The policy was changed in September after the NCAA initially said the University of North Carolina at Charlotte violated a bylaw when its student-run Web site, NinerOnline, published several articles about sports recruits.