Principal cuts out-of-school circulation

VIRGINIA ' The principal at Middlesex High School has halted the insertion of the high school newspaper into a local daily, drastically cutting circulation and leaving students to question his reasoning.

Principal David Bridges said the Big Blue Review should not be considered a public forum for the whole community because it is a learning tool for students.

School threatens prior review after condom story

UTAH ' Student journalists at Southern Utah University are resting a little easier, as it appears administrators are backing off their claims that they have a legal right to control the student newspaper's content.

In September, the University Journal criticized the limited availability of condoms on campus, stirring administrators to threaten prior review of the newspaper.

School affirms speech rights

TEXAS ' A student who sued his school district after he was scolded for writing a letter to the editor of the local paper has agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

An agreement was reached after Crosbyton High School student Justin Latimer, his parents, school officials and their lawyers met in December.

Student senate tells paper to be ‘gentlemanly’

INDIANA ' A conservative magazine at Wabash College lost its funding and its standing as a recognized student organization in November after the student senate said its content was 'ungentlemanly.' One month later, the senate agreed to re-instate the magazine's funding, a move which was sought by student editors and First Amendment advocates.

The Wabash Commentary was still placed on probation during the Dec.