PODCAST: When are student newspaper budget cuts unconstitutional?

Former Editor-in-Chief of Wichita State University's newspaper, Chance Swaim. Swaim and the staff of The Sunflower fought back when the newspaper's funding was severely cut for what appeared to be content-based reasons.
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Cory Dawson: If you take a close look at any tuition breakdown, you’ll almost always see some money put aside for a student fee, or an activity fee, or a club fee — but they almost always mean pretty much the same thing. This money goes to student government so they can distribute it to… Continue reading PODCAST: When are student newspaper budget cuts unconstitutional?

Wichita State promises paper will get its funds; task force to continue review this fall

KANSAS -- The student newspaper at Wichita State Universitywill receive its funds as normal in October, but paper staffers remain concernedabout a task force formed in response to complaints about the paper'squality.

Sunflower News editors first learned about the task force in late March,as they were preparing to go through the usual student government fundingprocess.