Hawaii and West Virginia are taking steps to protect student press freedom

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What do Hawaii and West Virginia have in common? They both took huge steps toward restoring and protecting student press freedom on February 3, when legislative committees in both states recommended New Voices legislation for passage. Students in both states testified remotely before their representative Education committees, highlighting both the stories they have been able… Continue reading Hawaii and West Virginia are taking steps to protect student press freedom

Dorm mold story leads to adviser’s termination, student journalists allege

Fairmont State University’s newspaper adviser filed a grievance on Tuesday against the university in response to his dismissal in May, not long after The Columns student newspaper he advised published multiple articles critical of the university’s response to black mold on campus.

First Amendment lawsuit says student was punished for wearing a T-shirt advocating gun rights

When an eighth-grade Logan Middle School student refused to remove his National Rifle Association T-shirt because a teacher said it violated the dress code, he was suspended. Now, a lawsuit argues his First Amendment rights were violated.

Yearbook criticized for ‘most likely to disappear’ category

The students in the photo were graduating seniors at Cameron High School last spring and didn’t know their names and picture were under the “most likely to disappear” category in the 2013-2014 yearbook. Both graduates found out about the category in September, and one, “Brady,” was a special-needs student.