Schools and administrators among those “honored” by Jefferson Muzzle awards

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression is out with its 2014 Jefferson Muzzles, the annual award it presents to those that "forgot or disregarded Mr. Jefferson's admonition that freedom of speech 'cannot be limited without being lost.'" As usual, quite a few schools and administrators were recognized with awards. Among the honorees:

  • The University of Kansas board of regents: After a journalism professor tweeted about the National Rifle Association following the September 2013 Naval Yard shooting, he was placed on administrative leave by the university.

New Jersey students to appeal administrators' censorship to school board

Kylie Sposato didn’t expect much controversy when she submitted a column criticizing student smoking in the school bathrooms last month for publication in her high school newspaper, The Stinger. Sposato was surprised, then, when she learned that the column wouldn’t be running in The Stinger’s December edition after all, the by-product of administrative censorship.