Student journalists from 40+ HBCUs take to the White House for a press briefing with VP Harris

Students journalists representing over 40 historically Black colleges and universities gathered at the White House for a press briefing with Vice President Kamala Harris on Feb. 23. PHOTO COURTESY: JAMIE REED

Student journalists from over 40 HBCUs took to the White House press room on Feb. 23 to participate in an exclusive press briefing.

Behind the Story: Harker Aquila student journalists highlight Hispanic and Latinx culture and community

Photo of Kinnera Mulam, Sarah Mohammed, and Emma Gao with the Behind The Story logo to the right
Kinnera Mulam (left), Sarah Mohammed (center), and Emma Gao (right) learned more about writing long-form stories while reporting on Latinx culture and community at their school.

Kinnera Mulam, Sarah Mohammed and Emma Gao share their experiences writing their story about Hispanic and Latinx culture at their school.