Student Government vs. Student Newspaper

The saying goes, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Many student journalists say they are not willing to refrain from publishing articles that could upset their student governments. But when that same body is the one that provides some, if not all, of their funding, situations can get messy.

Race-related material raises free-speech, ethical debate

The spring semester brought a slew of allegations of racism against student newspapers nationwide, adding to several controversies reported in the last year. Students responded to questionable coverage in a variety of ways, while newspaper staffers defended the spoofs, editorials and news stories that landed them under scrutiny.

No one charged in taped theft

ILLINOIS ' Although editors obtained a security camera videotape of someone throwing away 50 copies of the January edition of The Leader, the student newspaper at Elmhurst College, no one is expected to be charged in the incident.

In January, editor in chief Cherie Getchell identified the person on tape as an assistant football coach.