'Classic' censorship alive and well

High school censorship seems to occur in an ever-growing set of circumstances. For example, in recent years the Report has described restrictions on student Web sites, repression of underground newspapers and rejection of student media advisers who stand up for their students' rights.

Tufts magazine faces student’s libel allegation

MASSACHUSETTSThe Primary Source just cannot catch a break. After beating sexual harassment charges and stopping a series of thefts, the conservative magazine at Tufts University in Medford is now the subject of a libel claim.

Iris Halpern, the senior who alleged the magazine harassed her last fall, filed a complaint with the dean's office on April 1 claiming the magazine libeled her and retaliated against her for having filed the sexual harassment charges.

The conflict between Halpern and The Primary Source dates back to Oct.