Column leads to suspension, prior review

An editor's column in February prompted administrators at D.C. Everest High School in Schofield to confiscate 1,400 copies of the student newspaper, suspend the student for sexual harassment and require prior review of all future issues of The Jet by the principal.

States fight Hazelwood

Missouri, the home of the Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier case that curtailed student First Amendment rights, has taken the lead this spring in tackling state legislation that would give students free press protections and counteract that 1988 decision. Illinois, Nebraska and Michigan have also pursued the battle.

How High the Toll?

The debate over how to deal with "indecent" material getting into the hands of minors via the Internet and computer networks may finally be over, at least from Congress' view. For media advisers, college and high school students and others who are concerned about First Amendment rights, the debate is just beginning.

Editors win right to refuse ad

NEW YORK Student editors at the City University of \nNew York School of Law at Queens College (CUNY) defeated \na former student in September 1995 in a lawsuit filed \nagainst them for refusing to publish his classified advertisement in \nthe student newspaper.