The State-by-State NIL Legislation Guide

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NOTE: The law surrounding NIL is still developing. The information in this article is accurate as of February 2023. In July 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled the NCAA could not prohibit student athletes from profiting off education-related payments. Now, we are living in a new era of college athletics where student athletes can… Continue reading The State-by-State NIL Legislation Guide

TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Connecticut court case may be a ticket to greater secrecy for college athletic scandals

The formula for Coca-Cola. The recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The list of people buying tickets for Connecticut Huskies football games.The first two are legally protected trade secrets -- and third one will be, too, if the University of Connecticut gets its way.Connecticut's Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in December in a case testing whether public colleges may refuse to honor open-records requests for the identities of those buying tickets to sporting events.Ordinarily, any document in the possession of a public university must be disclosed on request, unless the university can point to a specific exemption that makes the document confidential.

University of Kentucky Athletics takes heat for pulling student reporter’s access

The University of Kentucky is facing backlash after the UK athletics department punished the Kernel student newspaper by revoking its invitation to a special media event.After freshman forward Anthony Davis circulated a Twitter post welcoming walk-ons Brian Long and Sam Malone to the team Sunday night, Kernel managing editor Aaron Smith wanted to confirm the news from the players.