Ask SPLC: A student was arrested, can I use their name in my story?

Q: A minor at your school has been arrested of a crime you think is important enough to report on because it involves the student council president and has implications to your school and community. You have obtained the police report. A parent of that student tells you over the phone that they intend to… Continue reading Ask SPLC: A student was arrested, can I use their name in my story?

Google never forgets: Seventh Circuit finds no right to force search engines to block access to embarrassing public records

The ability of search engines to dredge up unflattering facts has provoked global debate over whether people should have a legal "right to be forgotten" -- that is, a right to demand that embarrassing personal details be taken offline.

Reporting on Steubenville rape case a timely reminder on publishing names of juveniles, crime victims

In the explosion of media coverage accompanying Sunday's judgment against two teenage Ohio student athletes in the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, at least one broadcast news outlet aired courtroom footage in which the victim's name was audible.

New social media privacy protection laws take effect for the New Year

It's a happier new year in California, Michigan and Illinois, where the privacy of social networking sites gains new legal protection today.Effective January 1, it's illegal for employers in those three states to demand the login or password information for employees' or applicants' personal social media pages.

Privacy group’s challenge to Department of Education FERPA regs could hamper school accountability

Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution features a multi-part investigative blockbuster that uses computer-assisted reporting to identify suspiciously sharp gains in student aptitude test scores in districts across the country -- gains that, in Atlanta, were found to be evidence of widespread cheating by administrators and teachers.According to the AJC findings, about 200 school districts nationwide -- including schools in Houston, St.