Rider tacked onto Wisconsin state budget would limit public access to searches for top university jobs

In a proposal slipped into the state budget that wasn't considered through the normal process for bills, Wisconsin legislators are proposing to repeal a requirement that makes public universities disclose the top five candidates for chancellor, president and other top positions. Instead, the public would be entitled only to the names of those "seriously considered," which might be just one name. Open-government advocates are decrying the maneuver as a step backward for public accountability.

2 newspapers appeal court decision allowing Louisiana State U. to withhold names of some presidential search applicants

Attorneys for two Louisiana newspapers have appealed to the state Supreme Court a lower court’s decision that said the state’s largest public university could withhold the names of most applicants during presidential searches.

LSU wins partial court victory in closed-door presidential search

A state appeals court threw out contempt sanctions against Louisiana State University trustees and reversed a lower-court's ruling that required disclosure of dozens of people considered for the college's vacant presidency. Instead, the college will have to reveal only the names of four finalists who received interviews.