Copyright Law Presentation

This presentation begins with a brief introduction of the history and goals behind copyright. It then explores some of the basics of copyright, including questions about copyright eligibility, copyright duration, registration, obtaining copyright permissions and its distinction from other intellectual property rights (patent, trademark) and plagiarism. Finally, considerable time is spent discussing copyright law's Fair… Continue reading Copyright Law Presentation

Privacy Law Presentation

The law recognizes that everyone has — under certain circumstances — a legal right to simply be left alone. It provides that there are certain subjects, certain places and certain actions that are nobody else’s business. On the other side, however, the law also recognizes that at some point a person’s right to privacy can… Continue reading Privacy Law Presentation

Reporting on #MeToo presentation

This presentation is about reporting on #MeToo issues (meaning sexual harassment, discrimination or abuse issues). This presentation will provide basic information about how to go about tackling #MeToo news stories on your school campus and in your community so that you can make more informed decisions as you investigate this topic. This presentation will also… Continue reading Reporting on #MeToo presentation

Media Law Presentation: Invasion of Privacy

This presentation helps student journalists understand and identify where the legal lines are drawn when gathering and publishing information that might be considered private. It examines each of the four different types of invasion of privacy and includes a number of true-to-life examples that will help reporters and photographers steer clear of the most common… Continue reading Media Law Presentation: Invasion of Privacy