Former student radio host settles suit against Calif. college

After three years in the courts, OccidentalCollege and former student radio show host Jason Antebi reached a settlement inAntebi's case -- which alleged that college officials defamed him and that the college violated his free-speech rights by firing him -- theFoundation for Individual Rights in Education announced in an Oct. 19 press release. The exact terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but Stuart Tochner, outside counsel for Occidental, told the Los Angeles Daily News that the settlement was for a nominal sum, and that Occidental admitted no wrongdoing.

Ineffective protections: A recent court decision has rendered California's private college free-expression law useless, advocates say

First Amendment advocates say a recent California Supreme Court decision not to hear an appeal from a former Occidental College radio host has left a gaping hole in California’s Leonard Law, which affords freedom of expression protection to private college students.