TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: Government officials’ “golden parachute” agreements aren’t “confidential personnel records”

Having Graham Spanier as president cost Penn State's reputation dearly. Getting rid of him wasn't cheap, either.In the year that he was ousted -- on the day of his criminal indictment alleging complicity in the cover-up of coach Jerry Sandusky's serial child molestation -- Spanier was given (on top of his normal compensation package) an extra $1.2 million just to go away, making him not just the nation's most reviled college president, but also its highest paid."Golden parachute" agreements for college executives are a matter of intense public interest at any time, but doubly so given the austerity measures that many colleges are imposing that (unlike an extra million for the former CEO) directly affect the quality of instruction.The rise of the "supersize severance" is no accident.