A (rare) faithful reading of FERPA: Court says federal privacy law doesn't penalize one-time release of records

A Connecticut college student claims he was railroaded by a campus disciplinary board that expelled him for remarks about guns that he claimed were jokes. A judge threw out his claims -- but agreed that FERPA confidentiality should not have limited his access to key eyewitness statements. 

Nothing “private” about this high-profile walkout by Minnesota athletes

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers came within hours of becoming the first football team ever to boycott a postseason bowl game in protest of the disciplinary suspensions of 10 teammates. Players criticized the university’s lack of transparency and communication – “under the cover of student privacy,” as a team spokesman put it – in… Continue reading Nothing “private” about this high-profile walkout by Minnesota athletes

Louisiana court ruling eases journalists' access to education data sets — but are school lawyers paying attention?

Misapplying federal privacy law, education agencies have been withholding access to data when the data involves a small group of students, even where nothing about the data is matchable to a known individual. That should happen less frequently after a Louisiana court's favorable resolution of an unusual public-records lawsuit. 

Federal judge smacks down Northern Kentucky's reliance on FERPA privacy to keep secrets in student's sexual-assault lawsuit

Northern Kentucky University has repeatedly insisted that the FERPA privacy statute forbids disclosure of any information about how it responds to students' claims of sexual assault, but a U.S. district judge has now sanctioned the university's legal counsel for over-reliance on FERPA to obstruct a student's Title IX lawsuit.