‘Tinker Tour’ a chance for honest talk about state of student rights

Beating America’s education establishment in front of the U.S. Supreme Court made Mary Beth a believer in the ability of determined dreamers to accomplish improbable things. Fueled by that belief, she and longtime SPLC staff attorney Mike Hiestand successfully raised $50,000 from 225 donors, big and small, to underwrite the “Tinker Tour” that launched Sept. 17 from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.


Sara Tirrito: How did your staff come up with the idea for this issue? How did you decide which aspects of Skyway to cover?

Vanessa Abenojar: We thought of “Skyway ain’t so bad” around the beginning of the year because last year we did an issue about the zip code 98118’s area and thought, why not do an issue about a closer neighborhood?