SPLC condemns censorship at Kansas State

In July statement was in response to the actions of officials at Kansas State University in removing the student newspaper adviser based on the content decisions made by student editors. The SPLC has grave concerns about the legal arguments KSU officials are making about free press protections for students at the university. Those arguments are, quite simply, unprecedented, dangerous and offensive to the First Amendment.

Off the mark

Reading through Ron Johnson's last evaluation as adviser to the Kansas State Collegian there is no mention of him as a "bad adviser."

Instead, Johnson is praised by administrators for his service to student and professional media organizations.

Student editors sue university trustees over funding cut

Three editors of a student newspaper are suing their university’s board of trustees, claiming that the board cut the newspaper’s funding because of its content.Editor in chief Heath Urie, managing editor Christopher Marcheso and news editor Andrew Rosenthal allege that the University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees approved a recommendation to reduce of The Mirror’s funding by 40 percent because of articles that were critical of the board and the university’s Student Representative Council.

Officials seize video of fight from student

Not only did administrators do just that, they demanded he erase the footage — on the grounds that it infringed on the rights of the students Smalt captured on film.The incident began when Smalt, who was in a class that produced news and entertainment segments for Time Warner Cable's local public access channel, decided to report on a fight between two groups of students at Ithaca High School.